Author, Editor, and Florida Master Naturalist


The Young Naturalist's Guide to Florida

Authored by Peggy Sias Lantz and Wendy A. Hale

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“This well-written and thoughtful book should be assigned reading for Florida students of any age. For that matter, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for adult Floridians to read it, either.”

Tampa Tribune Times

"... a lyrical writer--she has such love for the land and waters, and the life that fills them! What treasures!"


The Young Naturalist's Guide to Florida is an introduction to the many features that make Florida so wonderful – its birds, good plants and bad plants, reptiles and mammals, its springs and rivers and beaches, its beautiful skies and weather, and its special places to visit. Scientifically accurate, but easy to understand. This second edition added several new chapters and updated facts and figures.

Illustrated, with glossary and index.

202 pages. Published by Pineapple Press. ISBN: 978-56164-377-6.

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