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Florida's Edible Wild Plants

A guide to collecting and cooking

Florida's Edible Wild Plants provides a colorful foraging handbook for a state that really did not have one… Peggy’s book is a solid, botanically-based foundation for anyone interested in wild edibles in Florida.”

Green Deane, "Eat the Weeds"

Eating wild plants has been a 50-year-long hobby for me. Adds a little fun to your outdoor adventures and a little variety to the dinner table. My book, Florida's Edible Wild Plants, will introduce you to a whole variety of gourmet treats using leaves, flowers, seeds, or roots of wild plants in Florida, many of which can be found in your yard if you don't spray them with poisons. Photos, drawings, and text will help you identify them, and a cookbook will help you prepare them to eat. Many photos and drawings.

200 pages. Published by Seaside Publishing, a subsidiary of University Press of Florida. ISBN 978-0-94208-402-3.

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